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A currency to stimulate decarbonisation

The survcoin is an alternative currency issued to reward efforts to reduce carbon footprints and engage its users in sustainable climate-friendly behaviour.

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Redefining value creation to respond to the climate emergency

In view of the climate emergency, the solutions tested so far have not put us on a path to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. That's why we believe it's crucial to explore new methods that can lead to sustainable changes in our carbon-emitting behaviour. The survcoin is a currency designed to trigger a redefinition of what value creation is, by rewarding actions and behavioural changes that contribute to decarbonisation.


First application: soft mobility

For many of us, the use of the private car is a significant part of our carbon footprint. Rewards denominated in survcoins can help us to make the switch to active mobility (walking, cycling), public transport or carpooling. An on-board app detects mobility modes and awards the user rewards proportional to the CO2 emissions avoided. In addition to the products and services that users can pay for in survcoins from local merchants, they benefit from a reliable measurement of their mobility behaviour and participate in fun activities that help to establish over time the changes in habit brought about by the rewards.
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MobiDiff, a pilot project to soften commuting in Differdange

The City of Differdange is implementing a pilot project to reduce CO2 emissions linked to mobility, starting with the employees of the municipal administration. Called MobiDiff, it is based on survcoin, an alternative currency issued in response to verified efforts to reduce the carbon footprint.

Les objectifs

Les objectifs

Reducing mobility-related CO2 emissions

Increase the usage of soft mobility among the employee population of the municipal administartion for their home-work commutes.

Improving the health of employees

The project will have a positive impact on the physical and mental condition of employees, by encouraging them to walk or cycle to work. And it goes even further: more time spent outdoors, less stress!

Promoting local businesses

The survcoins earned by users can be spent at local project partners: bike maintenance, fruit and vegetable baskets, buying a coffee from the local café...
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