Promoting soft mobility

Mobility programme for employees of the municipality of Differdange

The City of Differdange is implementing a project to reduce CO2 emissions linked to mobility, starting with the employees of the municipal administration. Called MobiDiff, it is based on survcoin, an alternative currency which is issued in response to verified efforts to reduce the carbon footprint for commutes and can be spent at local partners in Differdange

In short: commute by foot, bicycle, bus or train to work and back home, receive survcoins and spend them at local partners for products and services!

How can I participate in MobiDiff?

1. Download the app

Download the "More: Do more, get more" application. You will have to create an account on the application.

2. Request to join

Sur l'application, envoyez une demande pour rejoindre la communauté « MobiDiff ». Utilisez votre vrai nom et adresse e-mail lors de la demande d'adhésion, puisque nous devons vérifier si vous êtes un employé de la commune.

3. Start climate-friendly commuting

You will receive a notification once the request has been approved. That's it, you can start earning rewards for your soft mobility commutes!

4. Accepted modes of transportation

Commute to work and back home by foot, bike, bus or train* and receive survcoins. You can exchange your survcoins for products and services at local shops in Differdange!

Our partners in Differdange
More to come...

How is my reward calculated?

Infograph commutes per day - Promoting soft mobility

Basic reward

For every trip between a user's home and office (maximum of 2 trips a day) a basic reward is distributed to the user.
Commutes carried out by bike or by walking (zero CO2 emissions) will receive a slightly bigger basic reward than commutes carried out by bus or by train (reduced CO2 emissions).

Infograph basic reward - Promoting soft mobility

Additional reward on kilometers above threshold

In order to put in place a rewards system based on fairness and taking into account individual efforts, users who commute for a greater distance will receive a bigger reward.

Infograph additional reward per km - Promoting soft mobility

Assiduity pemium

At the end of the week, an assiduity premium will be added to your total amount of earned survcoins if you completed more than 5 commutes per week**.

Infograph commutes per week - Promoting soft mobility

How does the app work?

Privacy protection

We use the location data only to validate your soft mobility commutes. No data is ever stored or shared with third parties.


Geolocalisation is mainly used to determine your home and work location. Biking and walking commutes are rewarded on the basis of your phone's accelerometer data which is shared with the app.


In order to reward commutes by bus or by train we work with bluetooth beacons that detect if a MobiDiff participant is in its proximity.*

MobiDiff community - Promoting soft mobility

Do you need more information? No problem, send us text on Whatsapp!

  • Yes, the application needs an Internet connection in order to work.
  • Trips will not be recorded if the phone is not connected to the Internet.
  • Walk and bike detection is based on the phone accelerometer and location services running in the background on your phone.
  • Location is used to detect the activity, speed, and if the start and end point of the commute are: home and work.
  • No location is ever stored.

Open the app once before you leave from home:

    • This will wake up the application and the phone sensors giving better accuracy.

Open the app once after you arrived at work:

      • This will refresh the status of the app and will make sure the work location is taken even if indoors, because with the app closed the location is taken only if the phone is moving, not when is resting on a desk.
  • The phone number is mandatory for security purposes (account validation & password recovery).
  • A nickname and a name are generated randomly at sign-up.
  • The nickname can be changed from the member profile.
  • An avatar picture can be uploaded.
  • Location data is never kept.
  • Answers to quizzes or questions may be kept unless is specified that it is an anonymised quiz/question.
  • The app is looking for some special bluetooth beacons which are installed in the buses.
  • Each bus has a different code.
  • When you enter the bus the signal is detected and the bus icon turns green.
  • If you ride the same bus for more than 4 minutes the double arrow turns green and your trip is valid.
  • After you get of the bus you have 35 minutes to arrive at work/home to get the reward.
  • For now, you can combine the bus with the car if you are using P+R.

Currently our beacons are deployed on the entire TICE regional bus network (140 buses), the four Diffbuses and two RGTR lines (607 & 701).

  • Opening the app while being on the bus makes sure the sensors are woken up but more importantly the phone will have better bluetooth signal than from your pocket.
  • Sitting closer to the center of the bus, means closer to the beacon, especially if the bus is crowded.

Join us now and start climate-firendly commuting

MobiDiff is a collaboration between the City of Differdange, Survcoin S.A.-S.I.S. and Morfin S.A.R.L..

*Currently our beacons are deployed on the entire TICE regional bus network (140 buses), the four Diffbuses and two RGTR lines (607 & 701). Commutes by train are not yet supported. We are working on expanding the bluetooth beacon coverage to important CFL lines and other buses.

**The maximum number of commutes per week is 10 (2 per day, 5 days in a week).

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